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Zoom Zoom Kaboom!

Zoom Zoom Kaboom! is a “push-your-luck” style racing game with a modular wooden jigsaw track.

Each player is trying to be the first to race from one end of a racetrack and, more importantly, back again. In your turn you will have to decide how many dice you will roll, each one involving a greater risk of danger than the last.

You will have to choose whether to overtake your opponents so you get to go before them next turn, or maybe to slipstream them instead, or even ram them.

All this whilst dealing with the various hazards that you might pick up along the way, not to mention the very real possibility that you may blow up!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 2 to 6 (the more the better).

HOW LONG - 20 to 40 minutes.

AGE - 10+

A full video presentation is available - Click here

Zoom Zoom Kaboom is currently sold out. If you'd like to hear news of any future editions please send an e-mail to enquiries@hopwoodgames.co.uk






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