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Mijnlieff Variations

1. Mijnlieff Misere.

A straightforward premise that was spotted by Howard Tomlinson from Astraware who created the excellent app.

It’s as simple as it sounds, you play a standard game but the player with the least points wins. Most games tend to end in a draw but it’s definitely worth playing occasionally for a spot of variety.

2. Mono Mijnlieff

Players have occasionally remarked on the fact that there isn’t a solitaire version of the game and finally Wulf Corbett’s comments on www.boardgamegeek.com inspired me to tackle the question - Can I play Mijnlieff on my own?

Set up the board as normal. Put ALL the pieces into the bag.

Draw the pieces at random from the bag. You MUST play the piece drawn and stick to the rules of the game. You may get several of one colour in a row, don't worry about this, carry on following the rule from the previous piece regardless of colour.

If you are ever blocked - the game ends. You are aiming to score as many lines of 3 as possible as usual and in this respect the colours DO matter.

3. Mijnlievolution

Place ONE board piece in play between the players. That’s right just ONE board of 4 squares.

Begin play as usual.

If you are blocked you get to ADD a board piece. This must connect orthogonally to the existing board(s) - (i.e. Not corner to corner.) If adding this board piece means you are no longer blocked you may play as normal. If you are still blocked your opponent will get a free go anywhere they choose.

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