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Updated 17th April 2017


Hopwood Games Blog

A blog that will chart the various ramblings of a games designers brain shouts Read more here


Hopwood Games Newsletter

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Daring Dustbunnies

Our latest game design which will demo at the UK Games Expo Read more.


Mijnlieff Variations

Some alternative ways to play with your set of Mijnlieff Read more.


UK Games Expo Report

The Search for Nick Read more.


Watch for the signs

How do you spot a board gamer? - Read more.


Mijnlieff at a Beer Festival

10th May in Castle Bromwich. Will Mijnlieff and real ale mix? - Read more.


Dodekka arrives on BGG -

Coiledspring will be publishing the next Andy Hopwood game - Read more.


Mijnlieff Tournament a resounding success!

May 4th 2014 saw 14 Mijnlieff hopefuls gather - Read more.