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The Games


Niche is a simple card game that presents you with a puzzle each turn, the previous card restricts what you can play and then you need to find where you can play to earn the most points. Up to 6 players of all ages. Kids can play adults on a level playing field in this one.


Mijnlieff is a 2 player abstract game in which you get to control "where" your opponent can play. Winner of the 2010 Best Abstract Game at the UK Games Expo. It's a thoughtful game which appears at first glance to be simple but before the end of the first game you'll realise how important it is to think ahead. Made with wooden pieces and finished by hand entirely in the UK. Also now available as a free app on most platforms.


Zoom Zoom Kaboom is a racing game with a difference, well several differences actually. It's a push your luck game for 2 to 6 players that'll drive you to death or glory almost every turn. Everything about it makes you want to go just a bit faster. Overtake to go before that player, get into the halfway safe zone this turn to save time, avoid being last on the way back, one more dice might see me over the finish line. Winner of the 2012 Best Board Game at the UK Games Expo.


Disgrace & Favours is a card game for 2 to 4 players that enjoys the theme of Victorian etiquette. Players use a little bluff work in the snooping phase, buy the right cards and attempt to create sets of cards. After that they need to protect those cards whilst disgracing those of their opponents and ruining their sets.


Dodekka is a super simple push your luck game published by Coiledspring